Why prepare a Streetscape Plan?

The San Bruno General Plan, adopted in 2009, envisions San Mateo Avenue as a symbolic heart of the city. This vision is outlined through various implementation policies in the city's General Plan. Particularly, in the Land Use, Urban Design, Economic Development, and Transportation policies.

In 2013, building upon the implementation policies of the General Plan, the City adopted the Transit Corridors Plan (TCP) which articulates the community's vision for revitalized commercial corridors in proximity to the San Bruno Avenue Caltrain Station. The TCP also identifies San Mateo Avenue Streetscape improvements as a short-term implementation project to enhance the Central Business District.

While San Mateo Avenue has experienced an upswing in activity in recent years with new cafes and increased restaurant patronage, it remains an underutilized focal point within the city. Through this Streetscape Plan, the City envisions to re-enforce San Mateo Avenue as a vital downtown commercial street that serves the needs and priorities of the community.

On January 8, 2019, the City Council approved to execute the development of the City's San Mateo Avenue Streetscape Plan. Please visit the City Council Meetings page to review the presentation and the staff report.

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