What is the issue?

As we all continue to address more extreme, unpredictable climates and rainy seasons, San Bruno is committed to ensuring we are doing our part to maintain clean water in our region while minimizing flooding property damage to our local residents and businesses.

A properly maintained and functioning storm drain system is necessary to meeting these needs, yet a recent stormwater infrastructure analysis show the City's storm drain system is inadequate. During the rainy season, we are at risk of hillside erosion and overflow of our storm drain system citywide - which can pollute Bay waters - and puts our homes and businesses at risk of flooding that damages property and obstructs residents, police and emergency response.

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1. What is the issue?
2. How is the stormwater system connected to health and safety issues?
3. How old is San Bruno's stormwater system?
4. What has the community said about local stormwater system needs?
5. How does the proposed Storm Drainage and Flood Protection Fee affect my property?
6. How can these stormwater system needs be addressed?
7. Why are names and addresses printed on the ballot and why do I have to provide my name and sign the ballot?
8. Are the ballots public documents and subject to a Public Records Act request?