Local Roadway Safety Plan

A Local Roadway Safety Plan (LRSP) is a comprehensive plan that creates a framework to systematically identify and analyze traffic safety related issues and recommend projects and countermeasures to enhance safety for all modes of transportation. It aims to reduce fatal and severe injury (F+SI) collisions through a prioritized list of improvements that can enhance safety for all modes of transportation on local roadways. 
The LRSP takes a proactive approach to addressing safety needs. It is viewed as a guidance document that can be a source of information and ideas. An agency can use the LRSP as a guide when applying for grant funds.  Certain grant funds, such as the federal Highway Safety Improvement Program, require agencies to have an adopted LRSP to be eligible to receive funding. The LRSP summarizes an analysis of collisions, identifies high-injury locations, and recommends countermeasures at each of these high-risk locations.  

The draft final report can be viewed here

San Bruno / Cherry Avenue Improvements

The intersection of San Bruno Avenue and Cherry Avenue is a busy major intersection located on the border between a residential neighborhood and business district. The Bayhill Shopping Center is located on the northwest corner of the intersection and there are freeway on/off ramps providing access to and from I-280 a quarter mile to the west. As traffic increases, the City recognizes the need to improve both operations and safety at the intersection for both pedestrians and vehicles.

South Linden Avenue & Scott Street Grade Separation Project

This project includes multi-faceted improvements to separate the Caltrain right-of-way (ROW) from vehicle and pedestrian ROW. At South Linden Avenue and Scott Street, a grade separation project would result in the train tracks being separated from the roadway and/or pedestrian/bicycle crossing.

For more information visit the South Linden Avenue and Scott Street Grade Separation page.