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Additional Outdoor Business Allowances for Business Affected by COVID-19 Limitations of Indoor Operations

The City of San Bruno developed additional outdoor regulations to assist our local businesses that are required to modify their indoor operations in a safe manner. While we all continue to work hard towards preventing the spread of COVID-19, we also want to resume some normalcy in our lives. The temporary regulations were developed to support our business community. Below is the list of the categories covered by the City’s temporary outdoor business regulations:

  1. Dining
  2. Cardrooms
  3. Personal Care Services (hair care, nail salons, massage, tanning and tailoring)
  4. Gyms
  5. Non-Critical Businesses (offices)
  6. Places of Worship

The State of California's Blueprint for a Safer Economy[1] is a guide that the State developed allowing modified operations to certain businesses that are restricted from indoor operations. The City of San Bruno’s outdoor regulations support the State’s effort by also developing a way for businesses to include a portion of their business activities outdoors with proper social distancing and safety protocols in place. This includes temporary use of private property and City-owned property - and the City will waive Encroachment Permit Fees for outdoor business on public property.

Use of private-owned property for enhanced outdoor business can temporarily be implemented with a simple submittal of an application to the City, and as long as all other requirements of the program are abided by and have the property owner's permission.

City Manager Jovan Grogan, acting as Director of Emergency Services, issued Executive Order 20-02, outlining the program for temporary outdoor business regulations in San Bruno for those businesses that are not allowed or have restrictions on indoor capacity/operations. The State of California’s guidelines restrict certain business types from any activity, such as bars or nightclubs, and the Executive Order does not alter the restrictions for those respective business types.

This expanded, temporary outdoor business program is available only while the City of San Bruno’s determination of local emergency is in effect. Businesses that use public property under this permitting program must return the property to its original condition upon the conclusion of their use.

Private Property - For questions regarding conditions on this temporary outdoor seating program contact the Building Department at (650) 616-7074.

Public Property - For questions regarding a City of San Bruno Encroachment Permit contact the Public Works Department at (650) 616-7065 or apply online.

Executive Order 20-02, from the City of San Bruno Director of Emergency Services

Outdoor Business Registration Form

[1] Blueprint for a Safer Economy: Type “San Mateo” in the County search bar for information on county-specific restrictions by business type.