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Street Sweeping Enforcement Resumes on July 6

The San Bruno Police Department had temporarily suspended street sweeping enforcement at the beginning of the implementation of the Shelter-In-Place Orders to ensure that residents would be able to isolate themselves and remain social distanced without needing to leave to move their vehicles periodically. While this was necessary, a consequence of this was that the Public Works street sweeping crews were not able to do a thorough job of cleaning San Bruno’s streets for the past several months.  As the Shelter-In-Place Orders are relaxed and San Bruno and the rest of San Mateo County begins to reopen, the Police Department will be restarting normal street sweeping enforcement so that the Public Works Department can properly clean the city’s streets. This will help to ensure the City’s streets are clean and ready to support the continuation of activities for all who live, work and play in San Bruno. 

The San Bruno Police Department will resume normal street sweeping and other parking enforcement on Monday, July 6, 2020.

Please save the date and remember to move your vehicles for street sweeping days!

The San Bruno Street Sweeping Schedule can be found on the Public Works Department webpage