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City Council Statement on the Death of George Floyd and Our Commitment to Justice and Racial Equity on behalf of the City of San Bruno

The City of San Bruno stands with its Chief of Police in condemning the death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020.  Racism and injustice have no place in the City with a Heart. 

San Bruno is not perfect.  We recognize this and invite all of our constituents to take the time to self-reflect on racism and inequality throughout your lifetime and how the systems that have been put in place have impacted our communities of color here in San Bruno.  We have members in our community who lived through segregationist America.  They recall when Black and Brown individuals were required to sit in the back of the bus.  We have members in our community who remember when Black and Brown individuals could not swim in the same swimming pool.  We have members in our community who remember when Black and Brown individuals were not allowed to live in parts of our community because of the color of their skin.  We also have members in our community, a new generation of leaders, who are calling on all of us to stop the on-going racism that still exists 56 years after the Civil Rights Act was signed into law.  This “Call to Action” by our youth in 2020 America is a reminder to all of us that mindsets and mindshifts are a significantly greater obstacle than enacting legislation. 

We call on our senior community to tell your stories and we call on our youth to advise us on how we can be more inclusive.  We call on our Black and Brown men and women to tell us your stories of daily life in 2020 America and possibly more uncomfortable for all of us…2020 San Bruno.  We have been listening.  We hear your list of endless fears…being pulled over by the police…walking in your neighborhood at night…wearing clothes without too many pockets…We…Hear…You…

San Bruno is listening.  We encourage our community to self-reflect and engage in a dialogue amongst different races and ages because our history with Black and Brown America is complex and uncomfortable, but its impacts live on today in the daily lives of our Black and Brown community.   Mr. Floyd's death reminds us that there is significant work left to be done to achieve true equality and justice for all. 

On November 19, 2019, the San Bruno City Council signed a resolution committing to raise awareness and spark action and conversations to stop hate and to build inclusion by participating in the “United Against Hate” campaign.  San Bruno “United Against Hate” empowers all of our residents to take action in San Bruno to alter the course of growing intolerance while rejecting negative messages. We call on our San Bruno family to actively participate in this campaign by turning words into action 365 days a year. 

In recent weeks, residents of San Bruno have gathered for nonviolent, peaceful demonstrations, in the name of equality.  Our City departments, including the San Bruno Police Department, welcome the demonstrations.  We encourage all of our residents to join us in engaging and educating ourselves on the national conversation around race and equality happening now. The City of San Bruno stands in solidarity with you.

As elected leaders and policymakers we acknowledge that at the core of America’s values is the promise that all men are created equal and entitled to justice.  These promises are included in the Declaration of Independence and in the Pledge of Allegiance that we cite and re-commit to before every City Council meeting.  The complexity of these promises are the uncompromising realities that are embedded in America’s history of racism and injustice that are amplified because the promises for all have only been delivered to some.  The hope we are given today is that the story of America is still being written and we are the authors of tomorrow.

Here in San Bruno, we are proud of our diversity.  As the City with a Heart we ask our entire City family to allow our hearts to unite us and our conscience to guide us. 


Statement issued on June 9, 2020 by the


San Bruno City Council