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A Message from San Bruno CityNet Services

San Bruno CityNet Services is dedicated to providing excellent internet, telephone and cable services to our customers.  The recent rate increases that took place in early April are the first in three years. We know and recognize that the timing and communication of these new rates could have been better.  We regret the unfortunate timing.  We commit to holding the rate increases to a limit of $25 per subscriber and will implement this in our billing systems as soon as possible.  The fact is the cost of doing business with television channel providers and equipment vendors in the pay TV and internet industry have made it imperative that we raise the rates to pay our costs.  Even with the rate increases, CityNet Services pricing is on par or better than the rates of other providers within San Bruno and the Bay Area as a whole.  CityNet Services has been providing great customer service, and a range of technical services to the San Bruno community since 1971.  Our commitment is to provide quality service to you and we appreciate the support.

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