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Mayor Rico E. Medina

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Rico E. Medina was elected to the San Bruno City Council as Mayor in November 2017 to serve a three year term. He has served on the City Council since 2005. Mayor Medina’s current term expires in December 2020.

Council Standing Committee Assignments

Project Pride

Surface Infrastructure

Council Liaison to Appointed Citizen Advisory Committees

Parks & Recreation Commission

Senior Center Advisory Board

Regional/County Agencies

Airport Community Roundtable (Alternate)
Airport Land Use Committee (ALUC) (Alternate)
Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG)
Caltrain Modernization Local Policymaker Group
City/County Association of Governments (CCAG) (Alternate)
Peninsula Clean Energy Advisory Committee (Alternate)
Peninsula Traffic Congestion Relief Alliance
San Mateo County Council of Cities
San Mateo County Operational Area Emergency Services Council
San Mateo County Transportation Authority (TA) Board of Directors, representing Northern Judicial Cities (elected by the Mayors of San Mateo County)


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