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The City of San Bruno was incorporated on December 23, 1914 as a General Law City. San Bruno is governed by the City Council and operates under a Council-Manager form of government. As the policy making body, it has the ultimate responsibility to the people of San Bruno and the implementation of all programs and City services. It approves all ordinances, resolutions, and major contracts, modifies and approves the budget, and has the responsibility of employing a City Manager, City Attorney and City Clerk. The Council appoints citizens to the following advisory boards, commissions and committees:

Beautification Task Force 
Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee
Citizens Crime Prevention Committee 
Community Preparedness Committee
Culture and Arts Commission
Parks and Recreation Commission
Personnel Board 
Planning Commission 
Project Pride
Senior Citizens Advisory Board
Traffic Safety and Parking Committee

All major changes in direction or emphasis and organizational changes must be approved by the City Council. The City Council sets the policy and adopts the City budget. The City Manager and staff enforce the laws and implement the programs and policies which are established by the City Council.

San Bruno has an elected five member City Council. The Mayor, one of the members of the City Council, is directly elected for a two-year term. Other members are elected for four-year staggered terms with elections held in November of odd numbered years. The Mayor chairs the Council meetings, issues proclamations of recognition, represents the City in certain intergovernmental affairs, and is the ceremonial head of the City. Although the Mayor is expected to provide political leadership on City issues, the Mayor has no greater authority than any other Council member. The Mayor and Council as a collective body is the power of authority. The Mayor and Council members have no authority as individuals; they must act by a majority to achieve their objectives.

San Bruno City Council Members

Mayor Rico E. Medina

Vice Mayor Irene O'Connell
Councilmember Marty Medina
Councilmember Laura Davis
Councilmember Michael Salazar

Contact Information

The Mayor and the Council do not maintain full time offices at City Hall, but can be reached through the City Manager's Office. The Council meets the second and fourth Tuesday of every month. Meetings start at 7 PM and are televised live on Cable Channel 1 from the San Bruno Senior Center at 1555 Crystal Springs Road. 

City Manager

567 El Camino Real 
San Bruno, CA 94066-4299
(650) 616-7056 Main
(650) 742-6515 Fax