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City Clerk

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Carol Bonner was re-elected to City Clerk in 2013 to serve her third four-year term. San Bruno has had an elected City Clerk since its incorporation as a City on December 23, 1914. However in the Municipal Election on November 3, 2015, the people voted to make the City Clerk and City Treasurer appointed positions, once their current terms expire in November 2017.

The City Clerk's Office is the People's front-line interface with local government. The City Clerk is the Custodian of Records for the City of San Bruno and the City's Election Official responsible for all General Municipal and Special Elections.

The City Clerk's primary responsibility is to accurately record the actions and proceedings of City Council meetings, administer the City's Record Management Program, maintain the San Bruno Municipal Code and administer regulations relating to the Fair Political Practices Commission, and provide research and information services to the public and City personnel.

Form 806 Agency Report of Public Official Appointments

Carol Bonner, City Clerk

567 El Camino Real
San Bruno, CA  94066-4299
(650) 616-7058
(650) 589-5041 FAX

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Mission Statement

The City Clerk’s office is usually the first point of contact for the public.  The City Clerk is the steward and protector of democratic processes, such as elections, access to official records, and compliance with federal state and local statutes. 

The Clerk’s department is supported by a Deputy City Clerk and together with the City Clerk their duties include:

Conducts all City elections and administers campaign & financial disclosure laws;

Administration of City Council Meetings; including agenda processing, record all meetings

on-line, preparing and retaining City Council minutes, and City Council Agenda Notification;

Public Records Requests;

Transparency laws such as campaign regulations and campaign disclosure forms and filings;

Administration, recruitment process, appointment and recognition of Commissions, Boards and Committees;

Maintenance of the San Bruno Municipal Code;

Filing of mandated forms to the Fair Political Practices Commission;

Receiving and Processing Claim Forms against the City;

Custodian of San Bruno’s records and the San Bruno Seal;

Foreign Pension Certification;

Proclamation Preparation;

Administers oaths or affirmations;

Executes City contracts and agreements;