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Water Shortage Contingency Plan - Stage 1

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At the July 26, 2016 City Council meeting, the City Council adopted a resolution to implement Stage I Conservation Measures of the San Bruno Water Shortage Contingency Plan.  

A combination of a wet winter and a successful conservation campaign that reduced urban water use by almost 24 percent led Governor Brown to modify previous conservation guidelines in his May 9, 2016 Executive Order.    In response to the Governor’s Executive Order, the Water Resources Control Board lifted the mandate to reduce statewide urban water consumption by 25 percent.  As watershed conditions have improved somewhat, the Water Board is allowing water agencies to establish their own preparedness strategies. (Water Board’s media release).  The State also left in place minimum reduction targets for individual agencies.  For San Bruno, the reduction target remains at 8 percent of 2013 levels.  Based on historical water use and conservation, City operations staff believe the 8 percent reduction target is sufficient to provide San Bruno residents adequate water supply over the next three years.

While the Governor’s Executive Order transitions water agencies to implement more voluntary water conservation measures, San Bruno water operations staff encourage residents and all water users to continue their conservation efforts and to use water wisely.

San Bruno’s Water Shortage Contingency Plan details four increasing levels of conservation measures the City can implement during water shortage events.  The Water Shortage Contingency Plan is a part of the updated Urban Water Management Plan recently adopted by the City Council at the June 28, 2016 Council meeting.  The Plan’s conservation actions include a voluntary 10 percent reduction during Stage I up to the 50 percent intense reduction rationing during Stage IV. (Water Shortage Contingency Plan) 

As Stage I is a voluntary action, there are no administrative fines or civil infraction penalties anticipated at this time.  City staff will continue to monitor and reach out to excessive water users to encourage water conservation.  The City will continue providing proactive leadership and outreach in order to set a good example of water conservation

For the full staff report, please press link.