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Walk, Bike, Hike, and Ride Transit in San Bruno

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Exploring San Bruno on foot, by bike, or on public transit is a great way to exercise, visit new places, and take care of daily needs. Below are helpful resources for walking, biking, hiking, and riding transit in San Bruno.

To supplement the existing network, new facilities are planned as well. On July 26, 2016, the City Council adopted the San Bruno Walk ‘n Bike Plan, the first citywide plan devoted exclusively to walking and biking. The Plan focuses on creating safe, comfortable, and convenient ways for people to walk and bike throughout San Bruno.

To learn more about the San Bruno Walk ‘n Bike Plan, click here.


San Bruno has a network of sidewalks, marked crosswalks, and pedestrian crossing signals and is planning to expand and improve this network based on projects identified in the San Bruno Walk ‘n Bike Plan.

Using the city’s sidewalk network, one could visit the San Bruno Public Library, City Park, or downtown San Mateo Avenue. Next time you are planning a trip by car, consider one by foot instead! Click here to see San Bruno’s sidewalk network on Google maps for your next trip. 


Currently, cyclists are allowed on any street in San Bruno (except freeways), and the Walk ‘n Bike Plan seeks to develop this network further into a comprehensive, 23-mile long bike network for safe, comfortable, and convenient travel around the city. For more information about biking in San Bruno, visit the resources below.

Biking Resources:

  • SamTrans’ website – Click here for information about taking your bike on the SamTrans bus.
  • Silicon Valley Bike Coalition – Click here to learn more about the Coalition’s advocacy work, biking resources, and opportunities to get involved in biking initiatives. 


Visit a nearby trail and enjoy the outdoors! Learn more by clicking on the links below.

Hiking Resources:

  • Centennial Way Trail – A multi-use trail located north of Huntington Avenue, just over the South San Francisco city limit.
  • Crystal Springs Regional Trail with the San Andreas Trail– This trail has three segments, and the San Andreas Segment can be easily reached from the western end of San Bruno Avenue at Skyline Boulevard.
  • Junipero Serra County Park Trails – Hiking trails include the Buckeye Trail, De Anza Trail, Live Oak Nature Trail Loop, Meadow Vista Trail, Oak Cove Trail, and the Quail Loop Trail.
  • Sneath Lane Trail– Begins at the western end of Sneath Lane, past Monterey Drive. This 3.2 mile loop is paved to the top of the ridge.
  • Sweeny Ridge/Notch Trail– Accessed from College Road at Skyline College and open to hikers, equestrians, and cyclists. A part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.
  • San Francisco Bay Trail– Hop on the 500-mile trail around the Bay! In the area near San Bruno, explore Safe Harbor to the north and view shorebirds and ducks that reside in its marsh, and see Bayfront Park to the south that boasts of great views of arriving and departing airplanes.
  • Bay Area Ridge Trail – Visit the trail that traces the ridgeline of the San Francisco Bay.
  • Milagra Ridge Trail – Located just off Sharp Park Road; take College Drive north a quarter mile to the trailhead to visit this protected habitat for native plants and animals with breathtaking views.
  • Learn more about Bay Area trails at

Public Transit

Taking public transit is a great way to leave your car at home and explore the City and the Bay Area! San Bruno is fortunate to be well connected with regional transit agencies including the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system, the San Mateo Transit (SamTrans) bus system, and the Caltrain system.

You can also pair your bike ride with a transit ride by bringing your bike on board BART and Caltrain, or placing your bike on the front-mounted racks on a SamTrans bus; see the “Biking” section above for more information.

Public Transit Resources

Active Commutes

“Active” means getting to work without a car – by walking, biking, taking public transit, or other means. This is a great way to get exercise, save money, and reduce carbon emissions – a win for you and the community!

To help plan out your route, check out these resources:

San Bruno’s Walking and Biking Efforts

San Bruno Walk ‘n Bike Plan

The City of San Bruno is in the process of implementing the San Bruno Walk ‘n Bike Plan (adopted by the City Council on July 26, 2016), the first citywide plan devoted exclusively to walking and biking. To learn more, visit the San Bruno Walk ‘n Bike Plan webpage.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee

San Bruno’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee provides guidance to the City Council on walking and biking programs and improvements in San Bruno. To learn more, click here.