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Mills Park Center Development

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July 9, 2019, Original Project Proposal Rendering:
March 23, 2020, Resubmitted Project Proposal Rendering:

  Ongoing Community Engagement

City Council Meeting The City Council of the City of San Bruno, California at a special meeting on Thursday, June 25, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. via Zoom held a Public Hearing to take action on the proposed project. To see all the action items view the public notice here. The City Council staff report and attachments are available at the bottom of this page and here.
Community Meeting Mills Park Project Update and Community Meeting was held virtually on Monday, May 18, 2020, from 6:00 pm - 7:45 pm. To read responses from city staff and applicant to public comments and questions, please read the community meeting summary document in the link below.
Community Meeting Summary - May 18, 2020
Public Comments

A number of public comments and questions were received before and after the May 18, 2020 community meeting. All these questions and comments are compiled and regularly updated in the documents below:
 Public Comments submitted from May 8 - May 19, 2020
Public Comments submitted from May 20 - May 28, 2020

Public Comments submitted from May 29 - June 18, 2020

 FAQs NEW!! Frequently Asked Questions Part I and Part II


Project Description On March 23, 2020, the property owner, G.W. Williams Company resubmitted the project with several notable changes. The overall building massing, size, height, and location on the site has not been changed. A portion of the space that was formerly the 42,000 square foot high-end grocery store on the ground floor has been converted to parking, with approximately only 7,947 sq. ft. of ground-floor commercial space remaining. This represents a total reduction of 37,943 square feet. Two units were added on the second floor of Building A, in an area that was formerly the grocery store loading room on White Way, with no changes to the building mass or location. The property owner, G.W. Williams Company is now the applicant for the development proposal, replacing Signature Land Advisors, Inc.

Major Resubmitted Project Components:
  • Two mixed-use buildings ranging in height from one to five stories located on a 5.38-acre site and divided into smaller components with articulated building setbacks and step backs.
  • 427 total dwelling units: Building A contains 184 units and Building B contains 243 units. There are a total of 65 affordable units, at various affordability levels (very low, low and moderate level incomes).
  • Approximately 7,947 square foot ground-floor commercial space. No tenants have been identified at this time, and the space could be utilized by a variety of permitted uses, including eating and/or drinking establishments, general retail sales and service uses, personal service uses, fitness uses, or offices.
  • Approximately 676 total parking stalls on-site. One parking space will be provided for each bedroom, plus dedicated residential guest parking. The project includes a two-level parking garage, one level at grade and one partially submerged. The project exceeds the recently adopted City parking code requirements.

Land Use/Zoning General Plan Land Use Designation: Transit-Oriented Development
Current Zoning: Commercial (C)
Proposed Zoning: Planned Development (PD)
Planning Approvals Zoning District Map Amendment; Planned Development Permit; Architectural Review Permit; Phased Vesting Tentative Tract Subdivision Map for Condominium Purposes; Development Agreement and CEQA Clearance
Location 643-799 El Camino Real, 701-751 Camino Plaza, 711-777 Kains Ave., and 601-611 El Camino Real. The project site is bounded by San Bruno Avenue West to the north, Angus Avenue to the south, Linden Avenue and White Way to the west, and El Camino Real to the east. The project sites are located within the Transit Corridors Plan Area.
Type Mixed-Use (Residential over Commercial)

Status UPDATED!!

The City Council took the following actions on June 25, 2020  with a vote of 4-0-1:
1.Adopted a CEQA Conformity Determination as part of each of the following actions;
2.Waived First Reading and Introduce an Ordinance Amending Section 12.96.020 of Title 12 (Land Use) of the San Bruno Municipal Code to Change the Zoning Map from the Commercial (C) to the Planned Development (P-D) District with a Development Plan for the Project, based upon the Findings for Approval in the Ordinance including the CEQA Conformity Determination;
3.Adopted a Resolution Approving a Planned Development Permit and Architectural Review Permit, based upon the Findings for Approval in Attachment 2 including the CEQA Conformity Determination;
4.Adopted a Resolution Approving a Phased Vesting Tentative Tract Subdivision Map for Condominium Purposes with Lot Mergers and the Vacation of Camino Plaza, a portion of San Bruno Ave  and the Southern Portion of White Way, Realignment of Kains Avenue, and Vacation of certain easements as shown on the Map, based upon the Findings for Approval in Attachment 2 including the CEQA Conformity Determination;
5.Adopted a Resolution Authorizing Installation of Loading Zone Spaces Around the Perimeter of the Site, including the CEQA Conformity Determination; and,
6.Waived First Reading and Introduce an Ordinance Approving a Development Agreement and Affordable Housing Plan, based upon the Findings for Approval in the Ordinance including the CEQA Conformity Determination.
City/Staff Contact Pamela Wu, Planning and Housing Manager, 650-616-7053 at
Developer G.W. Williams Co.


The Mills Park Center development project had  a number of community meetings from 2017 to 2020 and other communication out to the City’s residents to educate them about the project, solicit public input and collect questions and provide answers. The documents below serve as a reference for details of each of these community engagement activities and other information about the project. 

Note: The below documents are very large and will require longer than normal to load.

Mills Park Center Informational Documents

City of San Bruno Public Hearings or Meeting Documents

  NEW!! Mills Park - June 25, 2020 City Council Meeting -  Attachment 3 - Reduced Plans, Renderings, Materials and Shadow Study (Revisions Submitted March 23, 2020)
  NEW!! Mills Park - June 25, 2020 City Council Meeting Staff Report and Attachments
  NEW!!  Mills Park - June 25, 2020 City Council Meeting Attachment 11 - Council Resolution Loading Zone (Amended June 23, 2020)
  Mills Park City Council Hearing - July 9, 2019 City Council Staff Report and Exhibits (139.43 MB)
  Mills Park Planning Commission Public Hearing - June 18, 2019 Planning Commission Staff Report and Exhibits (60.86 MB)
  May 1, 2019 – Traffic, Safety and Parking Committee
  Mills Park Architectural Review Committee Meeting - March 14, 2019 Staff Report and Exhibits (15.64 MB)
  Mills Park - September 14, 2017 Architecture Review Committee Staff Report and Exhibits

City Manager's e-Newsletter Articles and Community Updates

Project Community Meetings

   June 25, 2020 City Council Public Hearing Notice
    May 18, 2020 Project Update and Community Meeting Public Notice
   April 29, 2019 Community Meeting Summary
   March 7, 2019 Community Meeting Summary 
   April 3, 2017 Community Meeting Summary 

Environmental and Background Documents

   Mills Park - FPPC Advisory Letter (370.9 KB)
   Mills Park - Initial Study/ Environmental Checklist (revised) (15.27 MB)
   Mills Park - BKF Sewer Analysis - 2018 12 19 (3.6 MB)
   Mills Park - BKF Water Demand - 2018 12 13 (104.9 KB)
   Mills Park - C3-Checklist-BlockA (189.1 KB)
   Mills Park - C3-Checklist-BlockB (189.1 KB)
   Mills Park - Carey & Co HRE - 2017 12 06 (523.7 KB)
   Mills Park - Carey & Co HRE revised - 2018 04 03 (588.8 MB)
   Mills Park - ECS ACM-LBP Survey - 2018 02 08 (54.74 MB)
   Mills Park - ECS Welch ACM-LBP Survey - 2018 04 03 (7.57 MB)
   Mills Park - Engeo Geotech Report - 2017 02 10 (6.81 MB)
   Mills Park - Fehr & Peers Parking Analysis - 2018 01 05 (1.73 MB)
   Mills Park - FP Neighborhood Parking Study - 2018 05 14 (2.06 MB)
   Mills Park - HortScience Arborist Report - 2017 12 05 (668.4 KB)
   Mills Park - KTGY Shadow Study - 2018 12 13 (12.7 MB)
   Mills Park - Northgate 601-611 ECR Phase I Final - 2018 04 13 (31.5 MB)
   Mills Park - Northgate 601-611 ECR Phase II Final - 2018 07 09 (8.32 MB)
   Mills Park - Northgate Phase I Final - 2017 02 14 (32.42 MB)
   Mills Park - Northgate Phase II FINAL - 2017 12 29 (28.29 MB)
   Mills Park - Northgate Phase II Final - 2017 12 29 (2) (28.21 MB)
   Mills Park - Ramboll Consistency with TCP EIR - 2019 02 05 (2.98 MB)
   Mills Park - Ramboll Health Risk Analysis revised - 2018 08 23 (2.88 MB)
   Mills Park - Shadow Study (5.75 MB)
   Mills Park - SS-CapacityAnalysis (4.12 MB)
   Mills Park - SS-CapacityAnalysis_TablesFigures (1.71 MB)
   Mills Park - TDM Plan (4.29 MB)
   Mills Park - Utility Relocation Exhibits (9.48 MB)

Traffic Impact Analysis

   Mills Park - TIA (11.98 MB)
   Mills Park - TIA Appendix A (1.05 MB)
   Mills Park - TIA Appendix B (263.5 KB)
   Mills Park - TIA Appendix C (1.12 MB)
   Mills Park - TIA Appendix D (23.57 MB)
   Mills Park - TIA Appendix E (229.1 KB)
   Mills Park - TIA memo from Hexagon (28.7 KB)