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Planning Application Submittal Process - UPDATED!

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Planning Division

New Planning Applications Submittal Process

(to see the complete list of planning application types click here

Please review the following steps carefully for a planning application submittal. If you have questions related to the planning application submission process, please contact For building permit related questions, please contact

Step A – Email the Planning Division

1. Contact Pamela Wu, Planning and Housing Manager, at and state the proposed type of planning application(s) in your email subject line.

For Example:

Subject:  Architectural Review Permit Planning Application Proposal  

2. In the body of the email, briefly describe the proposed project for the requested planning application, the applicant's contact information (phone number and email) and relationship to the property owner.

For Example:

Project Description: Proposed new building that is 5000 square feet in size.

Applicant: John Smith at (650) 123-4567, at phone number and email.

Site Address: 567 El Camino Real, San Bruno

Relationship to Property Owner: Architect/Design professional who is authorized to act on behalf of the property owner.

Step B – Receive confirmation email from a planner

3. A planner will email the applicant to inform them of assignment to the project planner and the detailed application submittal requirements.

Step C – Preliminary review before submittal

4. Please email or hand deliver a preliminary set of the project plans in one combined pdf file to the assigned planner for a cursory review. Submission requirements will be checked against the published application requirements and checklists. Please note: this step is NOT a formal submission of the proposed planning application but a preliminary review, which would typically occur in person at the public service counter.

Step D – Schedule an in-person appointment with the San Bruno Planning Division public service counter for formal submittal of the Planning Application and payment.

5. Once the application is verified by the assigned planner, please schedule an in-person appointment for planning application intake by calling or emailing the planner. All items such as application form, plan sets, etc. are required to be submitted in hardcopy format. Incomplete submittals will be rejected and another appointment will need to be scheduled. The 30-day City application review does not start until both the payment is received and all required application materials have been successfully submitted at the counter.  Some planning applications are exempt from the 30-day review time period. Incomplete submittals will not be accepted. 

Submittal of Revisions - Planning Application

For all active planning applications, please contact the assigned planner for details regarding the process for submittal of revisions. If there is question regarding who the assigned planner is, please contact the Planning and Housing Manager at before the submittal of revisions to the City.

All resubmittal material is required to be submitted in hardcopy format in person at the San Bruno City Hall Planning Division public service counter.

General Inquiries
For general inquiries related to the City of San Bruno planning topics and issues, please contact Pamela Wu, Planning and Housing Manager, at Please include a subject line indicating “Planning General Inquiry Question”. Please allow a few business days for someone to get back to you. Check the useful resources for planning related questions before sending a general inquiry.

San Bruno Zoning Map
San Bruno GIS Parcel Information
San Bruno General Plan
Transit Corridors Plan
San Bruno Municipal Code

Refer to the information below to download an application and information regarding typical planning requests.