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Report A Problem

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To report a potential code violation in San Bruno, call (650) 616-7074.  After hours, call (650) 616-7013.

When you report a problem, Code Enforcement staff will listen to your concerns. Your contact information will be required so that we can communicate with you regarding the status of the investigation.  We will need a detailed description of the concern. We will provide information and referrals as available if the issue is not one handled by Code Enforcement.

Report Graffiti

A Code Enforcement Officer will make arrangements to have the graffiti removed if you report graffiti for removal on private property. To report graffiti for removal on private property:

Fill out the online Graffiti Report Form (this will allow you to track the status of your request)


Call the Graffiti Hotline at (650) 616-7141 or email

To report graffiti on a State Highway, such as El Camino Real, Skyline Boulevard, or any freeway, please complete the California Department of Transportation Maintenance Request Form.