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Code Enforcement

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Code Enforcement strives to maintain an attractive, healthy, safe and clean environment, carry out land use policy, and preserve the quality of life that residents and businesses enjoy in our community. We utilize education and enforcement tools to promote compliance with the Municipal Code.

Code Enforcement responds to citizen complaints and works to quickly resolve easily corrected problems, such as graffiti, excessive vegetation and illegal dumping. In all instances, we strive to gain voluntary cooperation from property owners, business owners, and residents by working with them to correct violations and upgrade property to a standard that will benefit residents and their immediate neighbors, as well as the entire community.

Although the vast majority of issues are resolved through this method, Code Enforcement also employs a variety of enforcement tools to facilitate compliance.  We view residents as partners in improving our community. 

How to Report a Problem

Typical nuisances

Code Enforcement Strategy Guide

Issues that are NOT code violations:

Civil disputes between private parties


Personal grievances

Avoid building code violations when planning a new construction or remodeling project

Prior to undertaking any improvement projects, owners are encouraged to research whether a planning or building permit is required. Planning approval is often required for improvement projects on the exterior of buildings, including windows, walls, stairways, and decks. If a property owner is not sure whether a planning or building permit is required for a project, check with your code enforcement inspector.

To contact Code Enforcement in San Bruno, call (650) 616-7074. After hours, call (650) 616-7013.