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Home Networks

San Bruno CityNet Services Offers WiFi for only Pennies a Day!

We provide the equipment, the setup and the support!  If it stops working, we'll replace it free of charge.  As always, there are no contracts to sign, and no charge for service calls.  For only $8.95 per month, you can have blazing fast WiFi without the headache of trying to figure it out yourself. 

Call San Bruno CityNet Services today!  616-3100

Router Setup for Small Home Networks

modem cable
This page contains steps to help you re-configure your own small office/home office router for use on the SanBrunoCable.com network, in our recommended configuration. Our network is designed to work trouble-free with common small office/home office routers right out of the box, with PCs or Macintosh networking in their basic/initial configuration, and correctly wired to our cable modem as per your owner's manual instructions.

If you've previously had your computers connected to another network, follow this checklist to ensure your computer is properly configured to inherit your router's configuration.

If your router configuration has been set up manually in the past, and your network is no longer functioning properly, or you received notice that your settings were incorrect, consult your owner's manual on how to reset your router to factory defaults. After your router has been reset, your computers need to be rebooted. (Most routers can be reset to factory defaults by depressing and holding their reset button for 10-15 seconds)

If you have special remote-connection(VPN) requirements for accessing your work's network that involve special configurations, you may have to consult your office's network administrator for assistance. While our network infrastructure will support VPNs, we cannot support the myriad of possible VPN configurations available. It is the responsibility of your VPN administrator to provide support for your remote-office connection.

Our policy is to not become involved in our customers' home network,unless you subscribe to San Bruno CityNet Services WiFi service. Our responsibility ends at the ethernet port on the cable modem where networks are involved. This way, we can better serve you by establishing where the failure point might be: In our network, or yours.

Note: We strongly advise against manual configuration of IP address, DNS server, netmask or gateway. If you do so, and have problems later, we suggest that you switch to factory defaults before reporting trouble.