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Beautification Task Force

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Irene O'Connell, Chair, Councilmember
Julia Au
Jane Calvert
Sally Calvert
Sandy Hedley
Emile Hons
Brijit Lopez
Lee Miller
Carol Morarity
Valentine Morgan
Melodie Tobin


The Task Force meets the first Thursday of the month, at 5:30 p.m., at City Hall in Conference Room 115.

Description of Duties and Purpose

The Beautification Task Force supports and advocates a public arts policy, tree ordinances, and other Council policies that encourage the beautification of the City. The Task Force also organizes several City-wide events including Operation Clean Sweep ( held the first Saturday in May each year) and the Beautification Awards. They also serve in an advisory capacity to the City Council. For information on upcoming events please send an email to Council Member Irene O'Connell.

Mission Statement

The Beautification Task Force of the City of San Bruno promotes the quality of life in San Bruno by creating, supporting and participating in activities and programs that improve the physical and aesthetic environment of our community. We accomplish this by:  

Educating the community about enhancing and protecting San Bruno's environmental assets

Advocating a high standard of community responsibility, cleanliness, maintenance and attractiveness for our developed and natural environment

Creating and promoting partnerships and resident participation in improving our community

Monitoring neighborhood and citywide cleanups, Earth Day activities, Beautification Awards, and similar programs.

We would like you to join us in encouraging residents and businesses to enhance the curb appeal of their homes and buildings.

Watch the BTF at work at the latest Operation Clean Sweep

Watch the Beautification Task Force at work at the latest Operation Clean Sweep

City of San Bruno's Operation Clean Sweep 2019 Video


Join the Beautification Task Force. You can make a difference.

Beautification Task Force