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Admiral Court- Commodore Drive Genesis 1



Project Description

Construction of a new multi-story building on a 1.66-acre project site that would be occupied by Hyundai and Genesis automotive dealers. Building would include showroom for new and pre-owned vehicle sales, administrative offices, service center, and vehicle parking and storage. Building will consist of three-floors above ground and two subterranean parking levels. Building will be limited to 50 feet in height consistent with current FAA limitations. Project will also include new parking, landscaping, and drive aisles, and off-site improvements on Commodore Drive to create a new loading zone for vehicle delivery drop-off including road widening and installation of drainage swales.  

Land Use/

 GP: Visitor Services (US Navy Specific Plan); Zoning: Planned Development (P-D)

Planning Approvals

General Plan Amendment, Specific Plan Amendment, Planned Development Permit, Architectural Review, Authorization of the installation of a new off-site loading zone


1010 Admiral Court 


Automotive Dealership and Service Center


On March 14, 2023, the City Council took the following actions approving the proposed Genesis and Hyundai Dealership located at 1010 Admiral Court:
  • Adopted Resolution No. 2023-28 adopting the Mitigated Negative Declaration and Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program related to the Genesis and Hyundai Dealership project.
  • Adopted Resolution No. 2023-29 approving a General Plan Amendment and Specific Plan Amendment related to development of the Genesis and Hyundai Dealership project.
  • Adopted Resolution No. 2023-30 approving a Planned Development Permit and Architectural Review Permit related to development of the Genesis and Hyundai Dealership project.
  • Adopted Resolution No. 2023-31 finding that the disposition of the properties (Assessor’s Parcel Nos. 020-013-250 & 020-013-260) located at Admiral Court and Commodore Drive (The Crossing) by The City of San Bruno for the Purpose of Development of the Genesis and Hyundai Dealership project is in conformance with the General Plan.
  • Adopted Resolution No. 2023-32 authorizing the installation of a loading zone on Commodore Drive.
  • Adopted Resolution No. 2023-33 approving a second amendment to Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for the Crossing San Bruno.
  • Adopted Resolution No. 2023-34 accepting an easement from ASN Tanforan Crossing II LLC relating to property known as the Crossing and authorizing the execution and recordation of a Certificate of Acceptance in connection therewith.


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