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The California Building Standards Code (California Code of Regulations, Title 24) sets statewide building code standards. Title 24, Part 6, also known as the California Building Energy Efficiency Standards or "Energy Code", contains mandatory measures for residential buildings and non-residential buildings and sets an energy budget for each type of building. Title 24, Part 11, also known as the California Green Building Standards Code, contains mandatory requirements for all types of buildings in areas such as green materials and recycling, water efficiency, and electric vehicle charging. Title 24 receives updates every three years to incorporate the latest changes in construction and technology. 

Reach Codes are local amendments that exceed the Energy Code and Green Building Standards Code. The adoption of Reach Codes aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) by reducing reliance on natural gas and gasoline through refocusing energy consumption towards electrification. California state law allows local governments to impose additional measures beyond the California Building Energy Efficiency and the Green Building Standards Codes through the adoption of Reach Codes.

San Bruno Reach Codes

During its March 8, 2022 City Council meeting, Staff recommended all-electric Reach Codes to apply to new construction. To align with the direction of the State's goal in reducing reliance on natural gas and gasoline, City Council provided feedback to recommend the adoption of all-electric Reach Codes. Adopting Reach Codes create opportunities for local governments to lead initiatives on climate change solutions, clean air, and renewable energy. City Staff is drafting an all-electric Reach Codes ordinance that mandates electrification and energy efficiency for all new construction projects. Staff will be developing specific recommendations and exceptions based on community feedback and the 2022 Energy Code to present for City Council's review in September 2022. 

Process & Timeline

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Previous Meetings

March 8, 2022 – City Staff presented Reach Codes to City Council as part of a sustainability work plan study session to seek feedback on Reach Codes and possible exceptions

Community Feedback

The City seeks community feedback to evaluate how the proposed Reach Codes may impact residents, businesses, and developers prior to adopting an ordinance. Stakeholder input on the proposed amendments will provide further guidance toward adopting Reach Codes.  City staff will incorporate community feedback on the Reach Codes as it develops its recommendation to the City Council, tentatively scheduled for September 2022.  The survey should take approximately 5 minutes to complete, and your responses will remain anonymous. 

Reach Codes Community Survey

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