Crestmoor, 300 Piedmont Avenue

300 Piedmont - August 23 2022 Site Plan
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Project Description
The Planning Division received an initial submittal for the former Crestmoor High School site located at 300 Piedmont Avenue (project) on August 23, 2022 and are currently reviewing the application materials. Staff had previously reviewed preliminary application materials for the submitted on March 9, 2022. The approximately 40.2-acre site is owned by the San Mateo Union High School District and formerly housed Crestmoor High School and subsequently Peninsula Alternative High School.

The project proposes to demolish the existing structures, athletic facilities, parking, and other improvements to build a new 156-lot single family detached home development of new two-story houses. The project also proposes to dedicate to the City of San Bruno 12 acres of open space land with the intent that the City may construct new recreational amenities. The project includes an additional 8 acres of additional open space area which will be accessible to project residents and guests, for a total of approximately 20 acres of open space.

It is anticipated that the project will require a Vesting Tentative Map and Planned Unit Permit in addition to CEQA environmental review and may also require additional planning approvals and permits. The applicant is seeking to take advantage of the State Density Bonus Program to receive waivers and/or incentives/concessions related to open space and lot size requirements. Of the 156 homes, 132 are proposed to be market rate and 24 (15%) are proposed to be on-site below market units: 8 (5%) affordable to Low-income households and 16 (10%) affordable to Moderate-income households.
Land Use/Zoning General Plan: Low Density Residential and Recreational Uses
Zoning: R-1, Single Family Residential
Planning Approvals

Vesting Tentative Map, Planned Unit Permit, Use Permit, and Architectural Review. The project will also require CEQA environmental review.
Location 300 Piedmont Ave (Formerly Crestmoor High School)
Type Single Family Homes, Recreational Uses
Status The Planning Division received a formal submittal on August 23, 2022. Staff had previously issued response letters on May 3, 2022 to a City of San Bruno
preapplication submittal and an SB330 preliminary application review. The purpose of the current review is to determine if the application contains all of the information and plans necessary to conduct a thorough review (completeness review).
Planner Nicholas Hamilton, Contract Senior Planner (650) 200-3556 

SummerHill Homes

Additional Materials

Project Handout provided by applicant on May 23, 2022

SummerHill Homes (the developer) created a handout describing the project and distributed the handout at an open house organized by the applicant and held on May 23, 2022.  Information contained in this document has not been evaluated by City staff for accuracy. 

Crestmoor, 300 Piedmont Avenue - Project Handout

Selected materials submitted on August 23, 2022

SummerHill Homes, as part of their application materials, submitted a series of drawings and written documents on August 23, 2022.  Select documents are made available here, including a project description, site plan, aerial photograph, recent photographs of the site, conceptual streetscape renderings, and conceptual grading and utility plans. 

Crestmoor, 300 Piedmont Avenue - Selected Materials

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