About SBPD

City of San Bruno Police Plaza

Mission/Vission Statement

The San Bruno Police Department understands and embraces its role as a peacekeeping organization. The 3 Guiding Principles below represent the present state of our ongoing effort to define what it means to be peacekeepers. These principles have been distilled and simplified to ensure that they can be applied in day-to-day decision-making from the line level to the Chief's office. These principles serve as a constant reminder of why we exist as an organization and what fundamental purpose we are to serve. They are also hierarchal in nature, meaning that the first principle takes precedence over the second, and the second over the third.

 Ensuring Peace: On a daily basis, we are called upon to respond to situations that are unpeaceful or even outright violent. In doing so, we are committed to choosing intervening actions that restore peace. We hold human life to be sacrosanct and will go to great lengths to protect it. We will exhibit great bravery in standing as guardians for those who rely on our protection. We are committed to maintaining tremendous discipline, self-control, and emotional intelligence in even the most challenging circumstances, serving as an ever-vigilant source of calm in volatility.

 Providing Safety: We understand that for people to realize their full potential, they must feel safe and secure in their persons, their homes, and their effects. We also understand that to a large degree the people of San Bruno depend upon us to provide that safety and security. Our response to calls for service, our proactive policing efforts, and our strategic planning will be tirelessly aimed at increasing both the actual and the perceived safety for the members of our community.

 Building Community: We are active members of this community and we are deeply vested in its collective health and success. We understand that the powers we possess have been bestowed upon us by the people in our community. We actively seek out opportunities to engage with all segments of our community, providing leadership and unity. We engage our community as active participants and partners in peace and public safety.