Walk, Bike, Hike & Ride Transit in San Bruno

Exploring San Bruno on foot, by bike, or on public transit is a great way to exercise, visit new places, and take care of daily needs. The following are helpful resources for walking, biking, hiking, and riding transit in San Bruno.

To supplement the existing network, new facilities are planned as well. On July 26, 2016, the City Council adopted the San Bruno Walk 'n Bike Plan, the first citywide plan devoted exclusively to walking and biking. The Plan focuses on creating safe, comfortable, and convenient ways for people to walk and bike throughout San Bruno.

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  6. San Bruno’s Walking & Biking Efforts

San Bruno has a network of sidewalks, marked crosswalks, and pedestrian crossing signals and is planning to expand and improve this network based on projects identified in the San Bruno Walk 'n Bike Plan.

Using the city's sidewalk network, one could visit the San Bruno Public Library, City Park, or downtown San Mateo Avenue. Next time you are planning a trip by car, consider one by foot instead! View San Bruno's Sidewalk Network on Google Maps for your next trip.