271 El Camino Real

271 El Camino Real
Project Description
The project proposes to construct a three-story multi-family residential building with 23 dwellings and 49 off-street parking space on a vacant site that measures approximately 25,030 square feet (.57 acres) in area. The building would measure approximately 39,643 square feet in gross floor area and 48'-2" in height. 
Land Use/Zoning
General Plan Land Use Designation: Multi-Use - Residential Focus. Zoning: (MX-R) Multi Use - Residential Focus
Planning Approvals
Architectural Review Permit; Tentative Tract Map
271 El Camino Real, San Bruno
Multi-Family Residential 
The project was approved by the Planning Commission on September 21, 2021 and is now pending building permit submittal by the developer.
Michael Smith, Senior Planner | 650-616-7062 | msmith@sanbruno.ca.gov
Fortune Enterprises, LLC. 

Planning Commission