Water FaucetThe Water Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for the efficient and effective operation and maintenance of the Water Supply and Distribution systems. The San Bruno water supply system consists of 5 production wells, 13 pressure zones, 8 storage tanks located at 6 sites, and 5 connections to major transmission pipelines, 4 owned and operated by the San Francisco Public Utility Commission and one by the North Coast County Water District.

The San Bruno water distribution system consists of:

  • 100 miles of pipelines
  • 9,000 valves
  • 985 fire hydrants
  • 8 pumping stations
  • 8 storage tanks
  • 13 pressure zones

Through this complex network of interrelated systems, the Water Division maintains and operates the water supply and distribution systems so that water delivered to its customers meets all Federal and State water quality standards, pressure and quantity mandates, and meets secondary standards such as taste and color through active distribution system infrastructure assessment and flushing programs.