San Bruno Centennial


On December 23, 2014, the City of San Bruno turned 100. An entire year of programs and events took place to bring the community together in celebration of our Centennial. These pages mark how we honored the City's past, celebrated its present, and set a course for its future during 2014.

San Bruno History Timeline

Come explore the rich history of San Bruno! Made up of historic photographs and oral histories, this interactive timeline details San Bruno's history from 1849 to the present. Learn about Eugene Ely's daring flight, the Queen of Incorporation Day, Tanforan Racetrack, San Bruno's first woman mayor, and many other aspects of our community's history.

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The San Bruno Stories Project

Over the course of the centennial, we interviewed San Bruno residents about their lives, their memories and their experiences in the community. We learned a lot about what this City is all about and what it means to be part of this community. We want to thank all of the participants for their willingness to share their time, their stories, and their lives with us.

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San Bruno Voices

Over the centennial year, we learned much more about the long history of our community. Below are stories from some of San Bruno's founding citizens and first families, sharing their memories and experiences of San Bruno going back to the 1800s. These are glimpses of San Bruno's past, as told by the people who helped shape our town.

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