111 San Bruno Avenue

111 San Bruno Avenue, View from Huntington Avenue
Type of Information
Proposed mixed-use development at the northern gateway to San Bruno's downtown opposite the San Bruno Avenue Caltrain Station. The project would be a 5-story, 65’ tall, building with 62 dwelling units, approximately 7,600 square feet of ground floor commercial space, and at-grade garage with 78 residential parking spaces and 13 commercial parking spaces. The building would contain 111,350 sq. ft. of usable floor area and 5,272 sq. ft. of open space in the form of roof decks. The project would involve the demolition of existing commercial buildings at 761-767 Huntington Avenue and require a lot line adjustment. The units would be mapped for condominiums but the applicant would rent the units retaining the option to sell the units at a later date. The Project includes 11 affordable units: 6 designated for low income households and 5 for moderate income households.
Land Use
General Plan: Transit Oriented Development
Zoning: C (Commercial)
Planning Approvals
P-D Zoning, Planned Development Permit, Architectural Review Permit, Use Permit (for alcohol sales), Sign Permit, Tentative Map, and environmental review clearance.
111 San Bruno Avenue at Huntington Avenue (within the Transit Corridors Plan Area)
Mixed Use - Residential Multi-Family/Ground-floor Commercial

Building permits for underground and vertical construction have been submitted are currently under review. Project entitlements were extended to June 2022 pursuant to AB 1561. The Final Subdivision Map, related Improvement Plans and Agreements, and Affordable Housing Agreement were approved by City Council’s on May 25, 2021. Construction is anticipated to commence Q2 2022.

Michael Smith, Senior Planner | (650) 616-7062 | msmith@sanbruno.ca.gov
San Bruno Development, LLC

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