TV Everywhere - For Cable TV Subscribers Only

Watch select channel apps on your mobile devices from various TV providers such as ABC and HBO Max. There is no extra cost to watch TV Everywhere,  and that includes live TV. There are full episodes of current shows that you want to watch, anywhere, anytime.


A necessary first step is to register your San Bruno CityNet account with Watch TV Everywhere, and then sign on to the consumer app itself after downloading it from an app store.  

  1. Go to
  2. Once registration for wTVE (Watch TV Everywhere) is complete, download HBO Max (as an example) from the app store (on iOS, Android, or online) and select the option to authenticate through Cable/satellite operator.
  3. Look for and choose San Bruno CityNet (or San Bruno Municipal Cable in the list of providers.
  4. Sign on using your wTVE credentials. You will need to do it only once for each connected device.

More to Come

This is just the beginning! Stay tuned for future applications for your TV Everywhere account. Many more special events, premium channels, and other programming will soon be available to you on your mobile device through San Bruno CityNet Services "TV Everywhere."

More Information

For additional information about these products and services, call 650-616-3100 or email us.

Note: ESPN3 is available to all Internet subscribers to watch from home. All other ESPN channels are available to stream with paid TV subscription only.