Digital Features VOD/PPV

Watch what you want to watch when you want to watch it!  Video on Demand is a great way to order first run movies, watch your favorite TV series and more! On Demand programming includes movies and select prime time programming.

  • With our cable box and multi-function remote control, the interactive search functions allow you to search for movies, sports and other programming by time, day, date or even by title. You can then set up a reminder message to watch it later.
  • Can't remember who directed or starred in this movie or what teams are playing? Just click on "info" to get a description.
  • If you really don't want to surf through all your channels, you can set up "favorites" so you can quickly switch to your favorite channels.

Extra Fees

Some programming carries a fee.  If you purchase an On Demand program, it is usually available for unlimited repeat viewing at no extra charge for up to 24 hours. 

On Demand Features

  • On Demand programming includes built-in pause, rewind, and fast forward control. 
  • On Demand programming cannot be recorded to a DVR.  
  • Some programs will begin with a notification that fast forwarding is unavailable.

How to Use Video on Demand

Using Video on Demand (VOD) has never been easier! Search through the listings by simply clicking on the Pay Per View selection.

  1. Push the VOD button, On Demand button or the PPV button on your cable TV remote control
  2. Choose from the various categories
  3. Follow the prompts to select a program
  4. If there is a fee, a prompt will remind you before you purchase. These fees are in addition to your CityNet subscription fee.

More Information

Call 650-616-3100 or email us for more information and to start service.